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Torrent RT Free is a fantastic app for Windows RT/8 tablet devices that allows users to download files with ease. This app utilizes the MonoTorrent library, which supports all modern BitTorrent protocols. Unlike other BitTorrent apps, Torrent RT Free doesn't drain your battery excessively and maximizes your bandwidth without overexertion. Additionally, it runs smoothly without freezing or making your tablet unresponsive.One of the standout features of Torrent RT Free is its clean and user-friendly interface. Setting up the app is a breeze, and it works seamlessly on both Windows 8 and Windows 10. You can easily open torrents and download their content, as well as open magnet links directly from your tablet's web browser. For those using their data, you have the option to set upload and download limits. Furthermore, you can download files directly to your USB drive or SD card for enhanced security.Torrent RT Free also offers the ability to prioritize downloads, ensuring that important files are completed first. It even supports multi-torrent tracker, allowing you to manage multiple downloads simultaneously.In conclusion, Torrent RT Free provides everything you would expect from a torrent-powered downloading app. While it may not introduce any groundbreaking features, it is a highly customizable tool that allows you to efficiently download and share files. With its compatibility with Windows 10 and smooth performance, Torrent RT Free is a strong contender for anyone in search of a reliable torrent app.

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